(ALBUM 2020)


01. One by one...
02. Dance Me to the End..
03. Hydra is perfect, Mari...
04. Tonight Will Be Fine
05. Anthem
06. Hey, That's No Way ...
07. A shield against..
08. Lover Lover Lover
09. Famous Blue Raincoat
10. Jij Janis Joplin, ik Kris..
11. Chelsea Hotel #2
12. I'm Your Man
13. Tower Of Song
14. It’s murder!
15. The Future
16. Zwijgen of zingen
17. If it be your will
18. Hallelujah

Alle teksten en muziek zijn geschreven door Leonard Cohen (behalve ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’ welke is geschreven door David Campbell & Leonard Cohen)
Productie: Jan de Witte Opgenomen:
Theater De Meenthe Steenwijk
(ALBUM 2015)

1. Every Single Bone
02. So Long
03. Solitary Men
04. Plagues
05. God Keeps On Playing
06. Gimme Some
07. Sea Change
08. When The Night Falls
09. Days

Written and recorded by Vast Countenance (except 'Days' written by Vast Countenance and Simon Stein). Mixed and produced by Frans Hagenaars and Vast Countenance. Mastered by Darius van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering). Recorded at VC Studio, Studio Arnold Mühren and Royal Studio.
(ALBUM 2011)

01. Head In Hands
02. She Chose To Live
03. At Your Feet
04. Afterglow
05. Forgiven
06. These Grey Skies
07. Not a bad Moment
08. Worth The Trouble
09. .45 To Survive
10. Devil's Claws
11. Untrue Ways
12. Aftermath

Written and recorded by Vast Countenance. Recorded at VC Studio and Royal Studio, except nr. 12, which was recorded live at Het Stolphoevekerkje. Produced and mixed by Jan Koning at Royal Studio. Mastered by Da Goose Music.
(DEMO 2006)

01. As I Please
02. This Year’s Fall
03. Trumpet Slide
04. Clay
05. Finelines
06. Telephone Line
07. Juggler
08. Swimmer Song
09. Easyride
10. Inner Car

Written and recorded by Vast Countenance. Mixed and mastered by Reel studios, Vast Countenance and Mario Reurs.

(DEMO 2004)

01. My Life Has Just Begun
02. Bird Of Doubt
03. Inner Car
04. The Heritage
05. Young White Burden
06. This Year's Fall
07. Upper State
08. Easyride
09. Leisure Of The Night

Written by Vast Countenance. Recorded and mixed by Vast Countenance and Mario Reurs at Studio Lupo.